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Today I’m reviewing The DUFF.

Short Synopsis:

A high school senior instigates a social pecking order revolution after finding out that she has been labeled the DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) to her prettier more popular friends.**

Non-Spoiler Review:

The DUFF brings some of the old antics of high school life and blends it with the new troubles in schools today. There are quite a few points of comedy mixed in with this form of bullying. You will enjoy it and maybe even think back to your high school years.


I give this movie a 7.4 out of 10.

Check out down below for a spoiler review on The DUFF. You’ve been warned.


** Warning, Possible Spoilers!!!! **


The Good:

  • This movie is quite funny. It has a good cast with decent comedic timing. The main cast displayed a great range of acting. Robbie Amell is really coming into his zone and this movie showcase his skills. Mae Whitman, Bella Thorne, and Bianca A. Santos did well in showing a great friendship. Whitman definitely came out with a lot of range and owned this movie.
  • Romany Malco and Ken Jeong played as the adults of this movie and it worked. Both of these guys played off each other well. Their comedic presence was a helping factor. Romany Malco was a funny principal. He shined each time he popped up on the screen. Ken Jeong was hilarious and made for a great teacher.
  • There was a great message about defending yourself against cyber bullying in this movie. Not many movies touch this topic and handle it well. The DUFF brought out really serious tones and meshed it together with uplifting tones. The steps to The DUFF was great.

The Bad: 

The transition of love interest was sloppy.  One moment you have Bianca and Wesley as friends then he kisses her out of the blue. This was the start of their romance but it felt forced. You can’t just have their love smack the audience in the face when during the beginning they showed no interest in each other.

Her end of movie transformation was decent but could have been handled better. When you see her come out at the final moment you’re not getting the “wow” feeling. It looked like they added a dab of makeup and soft braided her hair. The dress was a nice touch but everyone being surprised was slightly weird.

Bianca didn’t notice Madison’s secretary videotaping her twice which made me scratch my head. It wasn’t like the girl had camouflage on our anything. She was bold enough to move from cover too. Bianca should have seen her from the beginning.

The reveal for Toby was ridiculous. They put too much effort in that to go left after a small section of time. There were no signals of his actions until they got to the porch. If he wanted to talk to either Casey or Jessica then why invite Bianca to his house for a romantic evening. He could have just took her to McDonald’s or something.


The Hypothetical:

It would be a different movie if they didn’t make Wesley be such a douche in the beginning of the movie. He was very harsh when interacting with Bianca. You would think he thought she was a horrible person or something. This even showed up when the guy had the CPR assistant. He could have said something. It was good that he changed his tune later in the movie but it was kind of late.


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