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Today I’m reviewing Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Short Synopsis:

Based upon the acclaimed comic book and directed by Matthew Vaughn (Kick Ass, X-Men First Class), Kingsman: The Secret Service tells the story of a super-secret spy organization that recruits an unrefined but promising street kid into the agency’s ultra-competitive training program just as a global threat emerges from a twisted tech genius. **

Non-Spoiler Review:

Kingsman: The Secret Service was a great telling of an unknown Marvel property. The fighting style of this movie is amazing and will have you wanting more. Just imagine a James Bond movie with a few curve balls.


I give this movie a 8.5 out of 10.

Check out down below for a spoiler review on Kingsman: The Secret Service. You’ve been warned.


** Warning, Possible Spoilers!!!! **



The Good:

  • Samuel L. Jackson played a good villain. His lisp was hilarious because you never hear him in that kind of speech pattern. You’ve become accustomed to him yelling so much that this change of pace is refreshing. His character Valentine was smart, cunning, and funny.
  • The action was enjoyable. The movie followed a great fighting style that reminds you of the gunfu style of John Wick but with a cool twist. It made every scene with action worth seeing. The Kingsman kicked butt and took names.
  • Colin Firth was amazing as Harry Hart, the Kingsman code-named Galahad. He was as suave as James Bond but as deadly as a Leonidas. He dispatched his enemies so quickly and efficiently.
  • The death of Harry Hart was refreshing. They called out the monologue nature of bad guys and gave it an extreme finish. It was sad to see him go but he went out fighting.
  •  The main character’s transformation at the end was drastic and awesome!! He went from local wannabe thug to GQ agent and it worked well. They gave him the right change in took and style to make it believable.



The Bad: 

The idea of the bad guy needing to keep his hand on the destruction device was silly. To think he went against the textbook of bad guy screw ups except for this one. It was the major detraction from this movie.

Another fail was the bad guy putting exploding devices in everyone’s head. You would think this was a great idea.  It was, until the good guys hacked his system and used it against him. This allowed the good guys to get out of a very tricky situation.

Arthur turning to the bad side was ridiculous. If you’re the leader of this awesome group of spies you shouldn’t become compromised so easily. It shows bad form for the rest of the group. Now you’re  wondering how he even made it to become the leader in the first place.

The main house for the Knights was discovered far too easily. They should have some kind of counter measures for tracking and such. They’ve been around for some time and should have training in this field.


The Hypothetical:

It would be a different movie if Harry Hart aka Galahad didn’t die. His character was amazing and would have helped out in the end. They could have gotten rid of the hand on the trigger device for a battle scene with the prosthetic leg blades villain. She could have ended him in that hidden base. Then you would give the main character more of a push to kick her butt and take up the mantle of Galahad.



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