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Today I’m reviewing Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Short Synopsis:

When Tony Stark and Bruce Banner try to jump-start a dormant peacekeeping program, things go awry and it’s up to the Avengers to stop the villainous Ultron from enacting his terrible plans.**

Non-Spoiler Review:

The Avengers return to the big screen to take on a big baddie named Ultron. This is probably their toughest challenge to date. There are a lot of great moments in this movie. It delivers on action, comedy and the ability to include all of the cast into a short time frame. If you liked the first Avengers film then you will definitely enjoy this one. Bring everyone!

I give this movie a 8.1 out of 10.

This Avengers: Age of Ultron review contains possible spoilers. You’ve been warned.

** Warning, Possible Spoilers!!!! **



The Good:

  • The action was top notch. There’s a lot of action and it’s all handled quite well.
  • Hawkeye played a pivotal role. The fans will enjoy that Hawkeye isn’t just a drone in this movie. He contributes as much as humanly possible. He even helps the Avengers hide from Ultron. This movie really showcased the strengths of Hawkeye.
  • “Veronica” vs The Hulk was amazing! The trailers leading up to the film made you excited for this fight and it didn’t disappoint. The amount of carnage and beautifully shot action scenes increased your excitement tenfold.
  • The relationship between Bruce Banner and Black Widow was interesting. You would never think of the two as a couple but it sort of worked for a short while. This allowed Black Widow to go into her back story a little.
  • James Spader’s voice and motion capture for Ultron was near perfect. He brought Ultron to life. Every time you think of Ultron, you will think of Spader. His voice is so commanding.
  • The different cameos from folks like Rhode and Sam worked out well. They brought some good scenes to the fold.

The Bad: 

Ultron didn’t hold up well when going against Vision. He was demolished quite easily against his creation. It took about 5 minutes of screen time for Vision to cripple Ultron. This was very disappointing.

Tony Stark’s Iron Man just returned to the Avengers without mentioning anything from his previous film. At the end of Iron Man 3, he basically destroyed everything and hung up the metal gloves. Now in the start of this movie he’s with everyone and it’s lead to believe the events of the previous movie didn’t happen.

Quicksilver was a wasted character in this movie. He didn’t have much to do at all in this movie. He’s supposed to be super-fast but he came off as predictable and sluggish. They even gave him a horrid accent which threw me off while watching the movie. Finally his death was ridiculous. He’s supposed to be a speedster but he is riddled with bullets from a quinjet. Another example of his sluggishness.

The visions from Thor and his trip to the pool like area was poorly done. It was a big plot device that felt a bit forced and took the film down a notch. There could have been another way to reveal it all that would have worked out better.

The Hypothetical:

It would be a different movie if Ultron didn’t receive the short end of the stick. He was supposed to be a strong character but ended up losing in record time. He didn’t last long at all. It made you think of why they would be afraid of him if he was defeated so easily. This is a reoccurring thing with Marvel villains. They’re too easily defeated.

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