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Today I’m reviewing Top Five.

Short Synopsis:

A comedian tries to make it as a serious actor when his reality-TV star fiancé talks him into broadcasting their wedding on her TV show.**

Non-Spoiler Review:

Top Five is hilarious and will have you laughing during each of their comedic scenes. Chris Rock has done it again and this time he’s bringing a truckload of comedians with him. There is an impressive list of comedians in this movie that will make you laugh. This movie is filled with comedy and a few dramatic scenes that flow well with each other.

I give this movie an 8.1 out of 10.

Check out down below for a spoiler review on Top Five. You’ve been warned.


** Warning, Possible Spoilers!!!! **


The Good:

  • First and foremost, the cameos in this movie are amazing. You’re not sure who will pop up next. There are a lot of SNL folks that makes an appearance. You even get a song from DMX, nothing like anything you would imagine. Jerry Seinfield makes an appearance along with Adam Sandler and Whoopi Goldberg. They’re comedian legends and they bring a great dynamic to the movie.
  • Chris Rock shows the many dimensions to Andre Allen. Rock directs, writes and stars in this movie and he doesn’t disappoint. He brings out his typical stand-up flare combined with some dramatic acting that is rarely seen in his movies.
  • There’s a lot of comedy in this movie. You will laugh your butt off and keep laughing for majority of the screen time. There are a lot of raunchy moments in this movie that shines. The scene with Cedric’s character and the girls really makes you laugh. It is coupled well with Andre laying in the bed after those events.


The Bad: 

Not enough Jerry Seinfield! He was hilarious!

Chelsea Brown is a smart Latina but didn’t figure out her boyfriend played for both teams. When she talked about her past with the boyfriend he gave a lot of signs. There was no doubt that he played for the other team after a while. This made it hard to take her character seriously because she started to turn into a naive person.

There were too many scenes with Cedric the Entertainer. He’s a funny person but his scenes started to annoy after a while. He kept on repeating the same phrase over and over again. Maybe his character needed a reminder or something. They could have cut him out of 1.5 scenes and it would have made the movie better.

It was somewhat sad to see Erica’s motivation for marrying Andre. It brings a bad light to the character. She admitted to just marrying Andre for the fame. There were no redeeming qualities about her at all.

The Hypothetical:

It would be a different movie if Chelsea Brown didn’t catch her boyfriend with another man. She might have worked it out with the guy and cancel out all hopes of getting with Chris Rock. To be honest, the romantic pairing was slightly weird. She spent years making fun of his work but liked him in secret. It gave off a stalker vibe that might turn off the normal guy.


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