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Today I’m reviewing Fifty Shades of Grey.

Short Synopsis:

E.L. James’ kinky best-seller gets the big screen treatment with this Universal Pictures/Focus Features co-production. The steamy tale details a masochistic relationship between a college student and a businessman, whose desires for extreme intimacy pen from secrets in his past. **

Non-Spoiler Review:

Fifty Shades of Grey brings the very popular book to the big screen. If you’re a fan of the book then you will definitely cheer during and after the movie. It portrays majority of the book in the most realistic way possible. Beware of a lot of skin showing as they push this rated R to the limit.


I give this movie a 6.4 out of 10.

This Fifty Shades of Grey Review contains possible spoilers. You’ve been warned.


** Warning, Possible Spoilers!!!! **



The Good:

  • After reading the synopsis for Fifty Shades of Grey novel it looks like they covered a lot of the material. You would think most of the scenes would be watered down but that’s not the case. There is a lot of R-rated activity going on during the run-time of this movie.
  • The cat and mouse game between Ana and Christian was good. Both of them gave a little and took a little from each other. You would think Ana wouldn’t be able to gain the upper hand but she did it with style. She totally transformed after getting involved with Christian.
  • This movie injects a good amount of comedy through the scenes. Ana creates some funny moments that will have you laughing for a while.


The Bad: 

The first two thirds of the movie was great but the final act just felt bland. The pacing of the movie plateaued for me after Christian sends the package of first edition books. Granted there were some interesting scenes after this point but it started to taper off quickly. They should have switched the pacing and make the beginning move at a slower pace.

Christian Grey must be Tony Stark or something because he found Ana so easily each time she contacted him. The scene with Ana drunk dialing him just made you think, how did he know where she was? She never mentioned her location so it was highly unlikely he would get there in time to take her home.

The beginning had an incredibly fast start. Ana meets Christian in the first 15 minutes and already they’re talking about trying to do some freaky stuff to each other. If there was more time for it to grow then it wouldn’t seem so weird.



The Hypothetical:

It would be a different movie if moved more away from the book. The material could help when trying to bring loyal novel followers to the screen but it might not help the overall profit of the movie. There are quite a few rated-R scenes which pushed the boundaries of the rating. Maybe if they spread out the scenes it could have helped the overall pacing.



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