This is the 100th episode of the BOTR podcast show happening on March 13, 2019.

Podcast Participants: DC

Thumbs up/ Thumbs down

I give my thoughts on the news, images and videos of the week. Sometimes I even go off script if recent items pop up while I’m recording. Below are the results of this podcast episode if you’re unable to listen to me instead. Click on the links for the article that sparked my interest.




Future of the podcast

  • YouTube… maybe?
  • Potential twice a week recording
    • One covering regular podcast
    • One reviewing an older movie (Throwback Thursday)

Coming to Theaters

Every week there are a few movies coming to theaters and I rank them from “Interested” to “I’ll pass”. Click on the link for the trailer of each movie.


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We’ll catch you next time reviewers!


I love movies! If I could predict 3 things you take away from having a conversation with me it would be 1.) He knows his movies, 2.) He’s really tall, and 3.) Wow, he knows a lot about movies.

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