02.06.17 Show

Host: DC



Welcome… Welcome… Welcome… to the Bring On The Reviews podcast. Where if you want it, we review it!

I am your host DC. The goal of this podcast is to bring you a ton of reviews on things like movie and TV show news plus some comic book stuff as well. In this episode I’m going to mostly talk about things that happened during the week of January 29th of 2017.

Thumbs up/ Thumbs down


  • Ben Affleck no longer directing The Batman
  • Cadillac from “Get-Down” is new Black Manta


  • IMAX Kong: Skull Island Poster
  • Final Power Rangers Poster
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Images



  • Fist Fight (Red Band)
  • Headshot
  • SuperBowl (Fast 8, Ghost in a Shell, Pirates, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Baywatch, John Wick 2, A Cure for Wellness, Transformers, Life and Logan)


If I Could Change It


  • The Space Between Us

Coming to Theaters


  • Rings
  • The Space Between Us


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We’ll catch you next time reviewers!


I love movies! If I could predict 3 things you take away from having a conversation with me it would be 1.) He knows his movies, 2.) He’s really tall, and 3.) Wow, he knows a lot about movies.

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